A limited number of portrait commission slots are available until December 15th.


Since the original 10 slots sold out in just a couple hours, I've added 10 more to this set of commissions. Please note that if you order commissions now, they will be done after the original 10 orders and while I will be doing my best to finish them soon, they may not be finished in time for the holidays.


I will be happy to add additional complexity for additional fees, which we can talk about in a follow up email. For example:

  • Additional Figure: +$40
  • Full Body: $30
  • More Complex Color: $30
  • Backgrounds: $30
  • Revisions: $20
  • Archival Print: $20(US) $30 (International) ((These include shipping fees))


I will send you a follow up email after your order where you can send me relevant reference photos or descriptions. These are digital commissions and I will send you both high and low res files, and if you would like I can send you an archival print for an additional fee. If you'd like a physical print, try to get your order in sooner to allow for longer shipping times. These slots are for portraits like the above examples for gifts or personal use. If you are looking for something with more complexity or for illustration work I'd be happy to talk to you about that as well.


If you are a patreon supporter don't forget your discount code!


Portrait Commissions