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Wednesday, March 22nd

5:00-7:00 Central Time


Having fun hanging out and drawing with other artists as we talk about why 4 panels often works well for short strips and how that can help inform pacing elements of longer comics in this writing and drawing workshop!


We're experimenting with variable pricing. There's a limited number of discounted tickets and you can pay a little extra to help support those if you can afford it. Let me know how you like this idea!


Participants will need Zoom access and a sketchbook or similar writing/drawing materials on hand. Invitation to the Zoom meeting will be sent out a few days prior to the event. Recordings will also be available to participants.


Gutter: The space between comic panels where your imagination makes all the magic happen.

Atelier: An artist's studio where workshops are taught.

Gutter Atelier: a new project focusing on bringing folks together to learn and foster creative community through short, fun, accessible online workshops.

Gutter Atelier: Making 4-Panel Comics

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