I am lucky enough to teach lots of talented artists of all experience levels at Baltimore Academy of Illustration, where they can get a a quality education and develop a portfolio without breaking the bank. I also teach private lessons to individuals and small groups in the Baltimore area. Contact me with any questions!

Foundation Drawing -

The ideal starting point for new students and an essential foundation for more advanced artists. In Foundation Drawing we combine exploration of common drawing materials with skills in observational drawing. Students also learn skills for art critique, as well as studio practices for organization and growth.

Foundation Painting -

A great foundation level course for those with some experience in drawing and an interest in learning to use paint. Students leave this class with a more full knowledge of the materials and techniques of acrylic painting, a familiarity with historical and contemporary painters, and a strong grounding in color theory.

Style Development -

Ideal for the more advanced student looking to experiment with different technical and aesthetic options. Designed to help students stretch out of their comfortable practices and open their eyes to new options as well as guide them through a more intentional look at their own interests and influences. This class is great for anyone looking to push their art further and know themselves better.

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